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The Right Financial Services For You

Starlight Capital, Inc. is a strategic finance consulting firm founded in 1999 that provides a range of corporate advisory services to companies with annual revenues typically under USD$10 million. Our principals have been angel investors, mentors, and board members for early-stage companies. We strive to provide our clients and portfolio companies with three main professional services that every early-to-midstage company needs.

1. Create Fundraising Plans - For a company to thrive in the world of business, it needs all the help it can get. Imagine having a brilliant idea for a business, or tentatively getting your business off the ground only to have it come to a standstill because you don't have the necessary funds to make it the kind of business you seek. Starlight Capital, Inc understands these needs, which is why we assist companies in their early stages to prepare for fundraising campaigns. We do this by coaching presentations and developing business plans.

2. Co-Host investment Conferences - At Starlight Capital, we understand that knowledge is power, the reason behind why we co-host investment conferences several times each year at The Yale Club New York. We believe that with a given group of entrepreneurs, business visionaries, angel investors, investment professionals, money managers and venture capitalists, you will be inspired by the knowledge they have to offer and give your business the development strategy that it so needs. You will also have the opportunity to pitch your vision to a captive audience of receptive investors and direct funding sources.  In order to ensure that you get the very best in terms of proprietary edge and competitive advantage, all the companies that present at our conferences are pre-screened in order to address these points of interest. In short, these conferences offer the best avenue for new investment ventures. With companies that are supported by respected investments groups featured at our events, you are rest assured that with Starlight Capital, you are getting the cream of the crop to help you along your investment journey.

3. Compliance and financial advisory services for small Broker-Dealers - For each of the past several years, the number of Broker-Dealers has declined, as small firms shutter their doors against the high cost of regulatory compliance. For those firms that want to comply with SEC and FINRA requirements cost effectively, we offer a number of one-off and retained services, rendered by FINRA registered principals with more than a decade each of Compliance, FinOp, supervisory, and management experience. Services include background and due diligence checks on potential reps, clients, and investors, anti-money laundering and OFAC checks, pre-audit preparation, Continuing Member and New Member application writing, email checks, continuing education courses and training, e-mail reviews, annual firm and branch audit inspections and more extensive supervision and training in the areas of Private Placements and M&A.

What are we trying to say? We are an experienced team of professionals who are ready to assist you with your funding goals. Visit our website, get in touch with us and let us help you help your company turn its dreams into a reality. We come with a wealth of industry experience, a strong track record, and a sterling reputation with high client satisfaction. We have built a portfolio of profitable private and public clients, a network of investors, industry connection and expertise, private investments in public equities and we beat shareholder's expectations, so get in touch today!

For more information you can download a short MP3 audio file here, that is a recording of a live radio interview of Bryan Emerson on crowd funding, and an interview about small businesses given in Peru in Spanish.


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