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The case for real estate in your portfolio

Real estate assets can generate tax-advantaged income and capital appreciation over the long term.
Learn more about real estate and our investment solutions.

The case for infrastructure in your portfolio

Infrastructure assets generate dividend growth and capital appreciation over the long-term.
Learn more about infrastructure and our investment solutions.

Dividend growth with Starlight Capital

Over long periods of time, total returns are dominated by the dividends and growth the company generates.
Learn more about dividend growth and the Starlight Dividend Growth Class.

About Us

At Starlight Capital, we are investment-led and client-focused. Our goal is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns for investors by using our disciplined approach of Focused Business Investing. We build concentrated portfolios of high quality businesses when they offer us enough return for the risk we are exposed to. Learn more about our story, our people and our Focused Business Investment philosophy. 

The Latest from Starlight Capital

Thought Leadership

Dividend Growth Stocks vs. High Yield Stocks: Which is Better for Long-Term Performance

Investors often face a choice between Dividend Growth stocks and High Yield stocks when seeking income-generating investments. While High Yield stocks offer attractive immediate returns, Dividend Growth stocks provide superior long-term benefits, including income growth, capital appreciation, and lower volatility. Sean Tascatan, Senior Portfolio Manager, Starlight Dividend Growth Class explains dividend growth stocks vs. high yield stocks— which is better for long-term performance?

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Media Spotlight

CDK Global, Red Lobster, and BoC’s Recent Interest Rate Cut Deliberations | CBC Weekend Business Panel

Dennis Mitchell, CEO & CIO at Starlight Capital, joined CBC’s News Network Weekend Business panel to discuss top business stories including CDK Global cyberattack fallout, Red Lobster’s future in Canada, and Bank of Canada’s recent interest rate cut deliberations.

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Our People

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