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Fund Profile

*because the fund is new

NAV ($)


As at 2018-10-15


N/A *

Monthly Distributions


Per Unit


N/A *

Management Fee

0.70 - 0.90%

Risk Meter **




Investor Suitability

  • For those who are seeking a regular source of income
  • For those who are seeking a fund investing in the real estate sector, not concerned with short-term price fluctuations, willing to accept a degree of risk
  • For those who are planning to hold your investment for the long term




   Large cap

   Mid cap

   Small cap

Fund Objectives

The Fund's investment objective is to provide regular current income by investing globally in companies with either direct or indirect exposure to infrastructure.

Fund Facts

Fund Code




Inception Date

As at 2018-10-02

Investment Type

Mutual funds

Number of Issuers


Total Number of Holdings


Registered Investment Eligible


Distribution Frequency


Minimum Investment

The initial minimum amounts for investment in this fund is: $500

Investment Management Team


Dennis Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
Fund Tenure 18-Sep

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**  Because this is a new fund, the risk rating is only an estimate by Starlight Capital. Generally, we determine the risk rating for each Fund in accordance with a standardized risk classification methodology in NI 81-102 that is based on the Fund's historical volatility as measured by the 10-year standard deviation of the returns of the Fund. Standard deviation is a common statistic used to measure the volatility and risk of an investment. Funds with higher standard deviations are generally classified as being more risky. Just as historical performance may not be indicative of future returns, a Fund's historical volatility may not be indicative of its future volatility. You should be aware that other types of risk, both measurable and non-measurable, also exist. For Series I, Series O and Series O6, the stated rates of returns do not take into account the management fees and dealer/ advisor service fees payable directly by Series I, O and O6 securityholders that would have reduced returns. The performance of Series I, O and O6 would be lower if such fees were deducted from the holdings. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Please read the prospectus before investing.

The information contained herein is not an offer to sell nor a solicitation to buy any security. Such an offer can only be made by prospectus or other applicable offering document.

© Copyright 2018 Starlight Investments Capital LP. All Rights Reserved.

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